4th India Nuclear Energy Summit 2014 (25 – 26 September 2014)

4th India Nuclear Energy Summit 2014 – 25 – 26 September 2014
Mumbai, India
Organisers: Mr. Alan Shen
Tel: +8621 – 6085 1001

The scale and scope of India’s civil nuclear programme is unique for a developing country. India has twenty operating nuclear power plants, a range of fuel cycle facilities from mining of uranium and thorium to reprocessing plants and fast reactors, and a large, expert human resource in nuclear science and technology spread over a variety of research labs and institutions.

Nuclear energy is slated to play an increasingly important role in India’s energy security and sustainable development plans. India with its three stage nuclear program based on a closed fuel cycle and vast thorium reserves is striving to reach 20GW nuclear capacity by 2020. India views nuclear energy as an essential element of its national energy mix and is committed to taking decisive steps forward with 6 plants under construction and more than 60 plants are planned or being proposed.

4th India Nuclear Energy Summit will welcome nuclear community to join this forum where the most prominent industry leaders and government officials will be providing informative and inspiring discussions pertaining to India’s current needs, revealing technologies that can assist in achieving India’s ambitious future.

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