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Nuclear Energy Institute

on the nuclear industry to members, policymakers, the news media and the public." In practice, this takes the form of representing the nuclear industry’s

True News: Nuclear Power Exposed! - From Freedomain RadioTrue News: Nuclear Power Exposed! – From Freedomain Radio
Japan’s recent disasters only serve to remind us of the economic realities of nuclear technology – one of the most dangerous government programs in the world. Sources:…

lattice-energy-llc-compelling-economics-of-transmutation-vs-combustion-of-carbonaceous-energy-sources-jan-14-2015Lattice Energy LLC – Compelling Economics of Transmutation vs Combustion of Carbonaceous Energy Sources – Jan 14 2015
from lewisglarsen, ago in Technology
technology can potentially increase the economic value of natural fossil Carbonaceous energy sources by at least 500x; much of this increase in energetic economic value comes from enormous energy densities and BTUs produced by nuclear processes as compared to purely chemical energy processes such as combustion. In British Petroleum’s 63rd annual Statistical Review of World Energy (2014) they estimated that oil will run-out in ~53 years and coal in ~113 years. Given at least 500x increase in the

Nuclear power plants: 'Production to be raised to 40000MW by 2050'
The Express Tribune, on Thu, 19 Mar 2015 17:39:04 -0700
KARACHI: The overall production of nuclear power plants will be raised to 40,000MW by 2050 by setting up numerous nuclear power plants across the country, said Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Chairman Dr Ansar Pervaiz. He said Karachi …

South Australia announces nuclear power royal commission …
South Australia will hold a royal commission to investigate the state's possible role in the production of nuclear power. Premier Jay Weatherill said South Australians should be given the opportunity to consider … More news …

Nuclear Power: A Very Short Introduction
Maxwell Irvine, published 2011, 160 pages

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