Nuclear Power Industry News – Nuclear Street

Nuclear Power Industry News – Nuclear Street
Government officials in Egypt said by the end of the month contracts would be
signed with Russia's state-owned nuclear power giant Rosatom for the …

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

2011). "India faces people power against nuclear power". BBC News.  Raminder Kaur (9 July 2012). "Nuclear power vs. people power". Bulletin of the Atomic

from jcrowder, ago in
Caleb Spencer’s power point presentation on the Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion

Japan's Nuclear Power Sector Awakens After Long Sleep
Forbes, on Tue, 11 Aug 2015 10:51:17 -0700
Owned and operated by Kyushu Electric Power Company, the Sendai nuclear reactors were the first approved for restart under the upgraded nuclear standards put in place by Japan's new Nuclear Regulation Authority. After spending about $100 million, …

Brazilian Hiroshima survivors campaign against new push …
Seventy years after the devastating attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the survivors, known as hibakusha, are still trying to halt Brazil's nuclear power plans.

Nuclear Power: A Very Short Introduction
Maxwell Irvine, published 2011, 160 pages

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