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Nuclear Power Technology, Science And Industry News
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Hanford Site

Cheap to Meter", a series of regular updates on the Hanford Site, and nuclear power news around the world. Radioactive contamination from the Rocky Flats Plant

project-presentation-7429889Project presentation
from damo654, ago in
A Student presentation from the GCSE Project on the question of whether Britain should invest in nuclear power.

'Pakistan can become world's third-ranked nuclear power'
Daily Times, on Sun, 08 Nov 2015 07:33:45 -0800
NEW YORK – Pakistan, with as many as 120 warheads, could become the world's third-ranked nuclear power in a decade, behind the United States and Russia, but ahead of China, France and Britain, according to The New York Times newspaper.

Russian military plans mobile nuclear energy plants in Arctic …
Russia's Defense Ministry has contracted research work to develop mobile nuclear power plants designated for military installations in the Arctic. With the Soviet experience in mind, introduction of the first mobile NPP is likely …

Nuclear Power’s Global Expansion: Weighing Its Costs and Risks
unknown, published 2010, 654 pages

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