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Nuclear Power Technology, Science And Industry News
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maintain a sustained nuclear chain reaction. This generates the heat in nuclear power reactors, and produces the fissile material for nuclear weapons. Depleted

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Plan your project finance strategy, mitigate risk and secure investment for new nuclear construction Loan Guarantee Update: Hear from the DOE Loan Programs Office and learn how to secure government backing for your project EPC Contract Negotiation: Understand how to structure EPC contracts to avoid disputes and reach a mutually beneficial agreement Mitigate Finance Risks: Learn how to identify and mitigate financial risks to ensure you create a bullet-proof project finance strategy Alternative Funding Methods: Hear how to secure alternative funding to aid the construction of your new nuclear facility Policy and Market Update: Learn about the current US energy policies and hear how future changes could affect nuclear financing

NEI: Nuclear power industry likely set new capacity factor record in 2015
Utility Dive, on Thu, 21 Jan 2016 06:48:45 -0800
NEI said actual nuclear power production was the 5th highest ever, coming in at an estimated 797.9 billion kWh. The industry's record high electricity generation was 806.9 billion kWh, five years before, though there were more facilities operating in

Nuclear Power and Energy Policy: The Limits to Governance
Keith Baker, Gerry Stoker, published 2015, 240 pages

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